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Lightning Ensemble was founded by Ferne Arfin, Jonathan Dawes, Emma Lewis & Marie McCarthy in 1995 and operated as an ensemble of actors, writers and directors until 2006. From 2006 – 2013 Sarah Weatherall and Marie McCarthy were co–artistic directors. 

2012   1908: Body & Soul

             1908: The Marathon 

             1908: Lord Desborough


2011   1908: The First London Games Scratch performance, Postcards, Jacksons Lane


             The Winter Gardens, Blackpool: Shortlist & Treatment for a promenade   



2009    National Poetry Day 


2008    National Poetry Day 


              SE1: The Play


2007    The Mayday


2006    National Poetry Day


              Shakespeare’s Sonnets at St George’s Hospital


2004    The Mayday, site-specific play in a pub. Wandsworth Arts Festival


              Losing It, Ensemble production at Soho Theatre Studio. Times Critic’s Choice


2003    2-on-2, Soho Theatre Studio. Double Bill written by Charlotte Eaton and Sarah



2001    Struck, Finborough Theatre. Devised piece based on fame and celebrity.


              3-some in Soho, Soho Theatre Studio


2000    Fourplay in Soho, Soho Studio Theatre. Four short plays by Erin Courtney,  

               Imogen Smith, Glen Supple and Aileen Gonsalves.


1999    Lightning Strikes the Old Red LionOld Red Lion Theatre. A double-bill

              presentation, funded by the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.


              Hospitality by Suzy Almond and Blue Funk by Glen Supple.


1998    Lightning Strikes the OvalOval House Theatre, December 1998.              

              Exploring the essential elements of storytelling and myth. In collaboration

              with 'The Way It Is' youth group.


1997    Lightning Strikes Soho, Soho Studio Theatre. Supported by the National Lottery

              through the Arts Council of England. Excerpts from five new pieces of writing

              by Judy Upton, Dave Wareham, Miroslav Beblavy and Sarah Lonton.


              Lewisham Studio Theatre and The Brit School. Workshops with youth groups

              based on new writing.


1996    Westminster Prize Project at Soho Theatre



2007    Brentlife, a radio soap-opera for Life FM, Harlesden 2007    


              Out Catching Criminals, live drama on Resonance FM





2011    Come Back Yesterday (City & Hackney PCT)


2010    Love Karaoke (St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust)


2009    Superbugs (City & Hackney PCT)


2008    Mobsters’ Orchestra (St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust)


2007    The Chess Players (St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust)


              Shakespeare’s Sonnets at St George’s Hospital 


              Shakespeare’s Sonnets at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital & Mental Health   


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