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1908                                                                             2012

This was one of four flagship projects commissioned by the Creative Campus Initiative (CCI), and was awarded an "Inspire" Mark project as endorsed by LOCOG for the Cultural Olympiad. The initiative linked the University of Brighton with the production to assist in research and to develop a hypersonic auditory soundtrack, which was integrated into the performance.


Lord Desborough  Nicholas Boulton

Tom Longboat  Rowan Thomas Clift  

Martin Sheridan  Patrick O’Kane

Gilbert  Edd Muir

Clifton Pennycock  Jake Goode  

Madge Syers  Jessie Walters

Gwendolyn Lycett  Lisa Truscott

Tim Aherne  Fergal McSwiggan

American Spectator  Laura Garcia 

1908: BODY AND SOUL: Jacksons Lane

A circus-inspired, cross art form production supported by Jacksons Lane. Inspired by the idiosyncrasies of the first Olympians, 1908: Body and Soul reimagined stories and characters from London’s first Games in 1908.


1908: THE MARATHON: Woolwich

Lightning Ensemble and partner organization Emergency Exit Arts were commissioned to perform in ‘Greenwich Games Time Animation’. This project brought young people from Emergency Exit Art’s [EEA] Street Arts Academy together with theatre company Lightning Ensemble to create 6 performances for audiences in General Gordon Square, Woolwich.


1908: LORD DESBOROUGH: Henley Festival, River Rowing Museum and Henley Torch Relay 

Lord Desborough sharing his sporting achievements in one to one micro performances.


1908 Body and Soul Developed with  Michelle Owoo

Writer  Sarah Weatherall

Director  Marie McCarthy

Designer  Ingrid Hu

Assistant Designers  Carolyn Watt, Urvashi Lele

Sound Design  Dr Sarah Atkinson, Marley Cole

Sound Assistants  Jonathan Lovett, Jennifer Galang

Circus Consultant  Flora Herberich

Ice Dance Choreographer affiliated to National Ice

Skating Association of Great Britain  Doreen Hoppe

Dance Choreography  Helen Heaslip

Pole Vault  Beth Harris

Discus  Mick Shortland

Rigger  Ilya Varty

Stage Manager  Matt Llewellyn Smith

Assistant Stage Manager  Brett Chappel

Photography  Jennie Jewitt Harris, Charlotte Levy

Programme Design  Jennie Jewitt Harris

Media  Laura Garcia, Kaynat Choudhery

Brass Band recording  Battle Town Band



General Manager  Victoria Hibbs

Executive Producer  Jenny Harris

Consultant Producer  Jo Hammet 

Assistant Producer  Dermot McLaughlin


Webisodes 1908 London: The Chinese Pole Vaulting Man

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