When The Fallen Sang                                                  2013

A site-responsive, promenade production set in St Giles-in-the-Fields WC2, an ancient site in the middle of Central London. 


Shape-shifting between the historic and the contemporary, morphing into a chorus that riots, sings and strains for hope. When the Fallen Sang is the story of five lost souls in search of St Giles - patron saint of outcasts. 



St Giles Jack Lewis

Spirit of St Giles  Stephanie Prior

Jack Norris/Leper  Nick Danan

Guy  Glen Supple

Judith/Judy  Sarah Hall

Queen Matilda/Molly  Caroline Colomei

God/Workhouse/Stukey  Nneka Okoye

Suzy Almond
Director  Marie McCarthy
Assistant Director  Tian Glasgow 
Producer  Gemma Lloyd
Designer  Kate McStraw 
Musical Director/Composer  Stephanie Prior
Lighting Designer  Simeon Miller  
Sound Designer  Neil McKeown
Movement Director  Helen Heaslip
Stage Manager  Matt Llewellyn Smith 
Production Manager/Marketing Coordinator  Ian Gower 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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All Photographs © Nadia Amura



When The Fallen Sang is a truly fascinating piece of work that isn't on for anywhere near as long as it should be… Deeply moving, fascinating and inspiring. Highly recommended.




Sometimes theatre really does go one step further to break through the limits of conventional theatre and inspire and galvanize avid theatregoers and non theatregoers like. When The Fallen Sang is a beautiful example of this and one that works really very well. 






Ritual, chants, church architecture and superb performances make for a highly affecting encounter… An extraordinary piece of theatre at the Church of St Giles-in-the-Fields, in the heart of London… Excellent ensemble work



The interior of the building itself is magnificent and has an air of magic ideally suited to an evening where we are invited to travel back and forward through the centuries, and where characters of different time periods are able to meet as if it is the most natural thing in world. These moments in the play where people from different worlds are able to meet are particularly interesting - as it enables the play to enter another surreal dimension of imagination and timelessness, which the religious setting promises from the outset… A very interesting and entertaining evening in truly beautiful surroundings - a wonderful way to spend a summer evening.



An innovative production in an amazing setting, highlighting the moving stories of those who seek solace in St Giles… The cast and crew have created a worthy and inspiring production.



A dynamic ensemble piece, which reaches across time and space 

An inspiring project, this ensemble has created a production that is an insightful exploration of social and religious myth, as well as telling stories of a time in a specific place.



Play shines light on London's hidden quarter


By Martin Edwards